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Florence High School Staff Email Directory

Name Position/Subject Email Address
Rick Ashley Welding Teacher
Lydia Barnett Math Teacher
Shere Beachum Custodian  
Caroline Beumer Jones English Teacher
Huey Blackstock Custodian  
Roslyn Boddie Health Science Teacher
John Bradley Band Director
Jacqueline Brown Math Teacher
Scott Brown Special Education Teacher
Randy Bruce Graphic Arts Teacher
Jennifer Butler U.S. History Teacher
Risa Shelton Byrd Special Education Teacher
Stacy Bowling CNP Worker  
Pat Campbell CNP Worker  
Danny Carson Auto Service Technology Teacher
Marsha Carter Culinary Arts Teacher
Cynthia Dudley Casteel

Career Tech Counselor
Alicia Chappell Secretary
Jennifer Colvard English Teacher
Emily Cook History Teacher
Tony Cox Drivers Education Teacher
Katie Dalrymple Theatre Teacher
Jamey Dubose Head Football Coach
Lorie Earwood Nurse
April Folden History Teacher
Heather Foote Guidance Instructional Assistant
Jerry Foster Art Teacher
Warren Fowler Physical Education/Business Teacher
Charlotte Frawley Special Education Teacher
Darlene Freemon English/Creative Writing Teacher
Byron Graham Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach/Athletic Director
Margaret Graves Media Specialist - Librarian
Stephen Green Special Education Teacher Assistant
Taylor Greene Assistant Principal
Lisa Guzman Bookkeeper
Caryn Hairell English/Spanish Teacher
Mike Hand Weight Training/Advanced PE
Matt Heaton Special Education Teacher
Lynne Hice Principal
Marcy Hill Special Education Teacher
Corey Hughes Special Education Teacher Assistant
Jeanie Hughes French Teacher
Wanda Hughes CNP Worker  
Tyrone Ingram Head Custodian  
John Jackson Drama Assistant
Linda Jackson Special Education Teacher
Marc Johnson Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
Derric Key CNP Worker  
Howard Lamm Government / Economics Teacher
Wynn Lewey Special Education Teacher
Phyllis Linton Math Teacher
Lori Lovelace Guidance Counselor
Kenneth Marsh Math Teacher
Marianne Marsh Access Lab Teacher
Brett Mask History Teacher
Jessica McCarley ESL Facilitator/Teacher
J. T. McClelland Instructional Assistant
Sabrena McFall History/Psychology/Sociology Teacher
Susie McGee English Teacher
Fran Michael CNP Manager
Paige Michael Special Education Teacher
Suzanne Musgrove English teacher
Rachael Horner Nelson Science Teacher
Karen Oliver English Teacher
Glenda Page Guidance Counselor
Connie Parrish CNP Worker  
Emily Patterson Math Teacher
Dwight Perkins Custodian  
Roderick Perkins Custodian  
Anna Perez Perry Spanish Teacher
Jeff Radtke Math Teacher
Sherry Reeves Bookkeeper
Kaye Reyes Latin Teacher
Tony Ricketts Science Teacher
Dorlea Rikard English/Humanities Teacher
Wanda Riser Guidance Counselor
Rebecca Rockhill Chorus Director
Anita Roy Riverbend Counselor
Michelle Russell Math Teacher
Callie Rutherford FACS Teacher
Stacey Rutland Special Education Teacher Assistant
Gary Shannon 12 for Life Facilitator - Southwire
Kevin Sledge History Teacher
Penny South Special Education Teacher Assistant
Amy Stacey Science Teacher
Kathy Statham CNP Worker  
Laura Stewart Special Education Teacher
Steve Stewart Health Teacher
Joe Stover Custodian  
Russ Tate Assistant Principal
D. J. Thomas Human Physiology Teacher
Lee Thompson Custodian  
Robin Thompson Chemistry/Physics Teacher
Beth Toner CTE Administrative Assistant
Kathryn Townsend Art Teacher
William Townsend Government/Economics Teacher
Leigh Anna Trimble Business Education/Marketing Teacher
Dianne Vaughn Library Clerk
Krista Vick Science Teacher
Renee Wallace Cosmetology Teacher
Willie West Graduation Coach
Bill White School Resource Officer
Liz Wilcoxson Cooperative Education - Southwire
Marilyn Williams Science Teacher
Janet Willingham Math Teacher
Tammy Wyatt Special Education Teacher Assistant

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Florence City Schools

All public schools in Florence are fully accredited by SACS CASI (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement), one of the first 150 school systems in America to be comprehensively accredited as a district.

Equal Education/Employment Opportunity Statement

It is the official policy of the Florence City School District that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, disability, sex, religion, creed, national origin or age, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program, activity or employment.